How can I find my personalized submission link to share?

you will find your submission here: https://theultimatebaker.com/pages/vote-for-your-favorite-baker

instructions on how to find your personalized link here: https://youtu.be/0Y9lHdFM_KU


If you move on to the second round of voting, do your votes reset?
No, you get to keep the same number of votes and continue to add on a grow from there.

Do my recipes need to be original?

Nope!  If you make the best Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies, we want to see.  If you're creative like our host Taryn Camp and combine premade ingredients with some new ones to make a "semi-homemade" masterpiece, we salute you!  You can enter anything you'd like that showcases your baking skills at The Ultimate Baker. 

When does the voting round begin?

Voting begins December 1.  

How do the voting rounds work?

On the morning of December 1, you will receive an email with all the information you'll need to start collecting votes!

ROUND 1:  From December 1-10, you will rally your friends, family, and followers to visit your unique contest profile (this will be sent to you when the contest opens!) and cast their vote for your submission.  Your supporters first vote is free, but if they'd like to give you more votes and help children in need this holiday season, they'll have the option to purchase a quality toy for charity for $25 which not only gives a toy to a sweet child this holiday, but also gives you 25 votes. 

ROUND 2: From December 11-17, the top 100 contestants will move forward to the semi-finals!

FINAL ROUND: From December 18-24, the top 25 contestants move forward to the finals and our judge panel begins to cast their votes for the favorite top 10 in rank.  

WINNER ANNOUNCED: December 25: We celebrate a very Merry Christmas by announcing our winner and our top 10 bakers who will all receive prizes!


Who's on the celebrity Judging panel?

Andrea Barber: Best known for her role as America's favorite neighbor, "Kimmy Gibbler", Andrea joins us as the Ultimate Baker to bring some warmth, humor, and spontaneity to the competition.

Jerrod Blandino-Jerrod is the founder of Too Faced Cosmetics which rocketed to the #1 cosmetic line with its baked goods inspired scented pallets. Jerrod is an avid and animated baker himself and knows what it takes to build an empire. 

Sheri Wilson is a dessert enthusiast and confectionery artist based in PA. Sheri works as a content creator on Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube-producing viral dessert tutorials and trending content. She is the video manager at SprinklePop Shop, baking instructor, and published author.

Jen Lilley: America’s Christmas sweetheart, Jen is a television star, child advocate, and former cake maker with a refined palette, sharp wit, and heart for others. Jen will encourage contestants and look for bakers with the best hearts and personalities! 

Ryan Sullivan: Scottish Tiktok sensation and self-proclaimed foodie, Ryan Sullivan joins The Ultimate Baker to help raise toy donations for kids in need this holiday season and lend his amazing Scottish accent to the mix, because why not?


Who can enter?

The Ultimate Baker is open to contestants worldwide who are 18 years or older!  If you love to bake, we want you to enter! Here are the eligibility rules: 

Eligibility: Contest (the "Contest") is  open to participants worldwide who are 18+ (the “Age of Majority”) at the time of entry (the “Entrant”). Employees of Christmas INC (the "Sponsor"), their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, suppliers and their immediate family members and/or those living in the same household of each are not eligible to participate in the Contest. The Contest is in the United States and is subject to all applicable federal (U.S), state (Virginia) and local laws and regulations. Void where prohibited or restricted by law, rule, or regulation.


How it benefits the Christmas Is Not Cancelled toy drive:

Once voting opens up on Dec 1, people can vote for their favorite baker. First vote is free and then if voters want to boost their baker’s votes, they can select a $25 package that gives 1 high quality toy to charity and 25 votes for their favorite baker.  There are voting packages in $25 increments available that give up to 20 toys and 500 votes total.   Our goal is to raise as many toys as we can this holiday season, while also celebrating excellent bakers.  During the final round, judges will cast their votes to determine the top 10 bakers.